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Black Sand Dive Retreat, Lembeh Strait - North Sulawesi
Dive lembeh strait, north sulawesi - indonesia with us
Panoramiac view of Lembeh Strait from one of the cottages

The Resort

Black Sand Dive Retreat is an exclusive 6-bungalow quality dive resort located on a sheltered bay in its natural setting on Lembeh Strait - Indonesia’s Exotic Critter Capital. This resort is the realization of a long-term dream of Bruce and Fung Moore, who have extensive experience when it comes to the wondrous adventures that North Sulawesi has to offer.

Over the past seventeen years, Bruce and Fung have made this area their home and welcome the opportunity to share with you the countless treasures of the resort, both above and below the water. BSDR offers specialized services for an exceptional dive holiday experience for its discerning guests...

Come and see what the excitement is all about!

The Location

Black Sand Beach
Black Sand Beach

Our superb location in Kambahu Bay means that we are right in the middle of Lembeh’s best dives and most of the sites in the strait are within five minutes by speedboat. Directly off our fine black sand beach lies our exceptional House Reef, offering calm and current-free conditions so that dedicated critter hunters and shutterbugs can have fantastic dives at whatever time they choose.

The diving in Lembeh

Known as the “Muck Mecca”, Lembeh is famous as the best destination on the planet for what is known as exotic critter diving, macro diving, or muck diving. There are two shipwrecks and an impressive array of underwater topography, including pinnacles, walls and verdant soft and hard coral gardens, but it is the plain black sand sites that make the area famous with their profusion of strange and beautiful attractions.

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Latest Updates


So, how do you tell the difference between a mimic and a wonderpus? Let's try to make this clear.

hairy shrimp
hairy shrimp

Our good friend and frequent guest, Mr. Thomas Schwarz, has kindly given us a big pile of his excellent photos to pick through. As he comes more than once every year, I had so many photos that I just couldn't choose. This paralysis lasted quite some time, but in my new-found burst of blogging energy, I made the effort to get something up. Have a look. There are some truly fine shots here.

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Odd Frogs
Odd Frogs

Since Lembeh Strait is considered "The Frogfish Capital of the World", anyone who dives here can expect to see plenty of the popular critter. Differentiating between the various species can be tricky though, especially the smaller ones. Juveniles can be quite different from the adult form of some types. Add to this the wide variety of colours and patterns within many frogfish species and confusion can reign supreme.

Black Sand Dive Retreat
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