our diving in lembeh straitis simply beyond your expectations

A Dr. Gerry Allen Gallery is up!  

A Dr. Gerry Allen Gallery is up!

We have just posted a selection of photographs kindly donated by our friend Dr. Gerry Allen from his recent time with us. Just roll your mouse over the Lembeh Gallery icon to your top left. Rare species, new species and "regular" species, these fish pics show a good variety of Lembeh denizens.

Our Fish Geek Week went very well, with Gerry and Mark constantly making great finds: possible new species, rare species that they needed pictures of, species described long ago but had not been reported from the area or photographed and just common species that offered good photographic opportunities. Aw Shucks and Nudi Falls were the "hot" sites for them, with Angel's Window offering some surprises.

Gerry is completely fish-oriented, so there are no shots of crustaceans, nudis or the like. In this gallery you'll notice great shots of fish that are often overlooked by dedicated critter-hunters, making this gallery somewhat different to collections normally posted.

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