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Getting Older In Style  

Getting older in style

As my annual Age Counter clicked over another year on May 22, I decided to celebrate simply. I spent my weekend shirking my responsibilities and getting a load of dives in. The visibility was great, the seas calm and the currents co-operative. I managed to go out for six dives and here are some of our finds...

At this time, frogfish are abundant, as are heaps of nudis and ghost pipefish in numerous forms. Seahorse numbers are high as well. It is only Cephalopods that are absent. In my six jumps I found three juvenile broadclub cuttlefish on my final dive, but that was it. No octos at all.

In the past month our guests have seen a single tiny flamboyant cuttlefish along with a smattering of bluerings, and coconut octos along with only one or two wonderpus and crinoid cuttlefish. That's it. Strange days. But a plethora of virtually everything else makes up for it. I had excellent dives, as the pictures should confirm.

Seeing three pairs of harlequin shrimp and a rare filamented rhinopias over three dives on my birthday was very special. The rest was icing.... excellent icing.

I really love frogfish, so seeing them virtually every dive has me in hog heaven. Over the weekend I saw four on one dive and further three on another, with four species on show over the weekend alone.

With dives like this, I don't mind getting older.

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