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Melibe Madness  

Melibe Madness!

We had an noteworthy find recently: something from the genus Melibe, which has some very interesting members. 


Over the past year all the resorts in Lembeh have received an increasing number of a single name on the wish lists: the Melibe colemani. We have found a few, but they are small, delicate and very hard to find, even when you know where to look. One of our guides thought he had found one recently and I went over to have a look. The M. colemani is white, but this one had brownish markings, so after my initial excitement and a closer look at my photos, I did some research. I’m not 100% sure, but out of the known species, I do believe that this critter is the Melibe rangii, also known as the Melibe engeli. It’s a lovely slug, as you can see. Notice that he's feeding in each photo... an active individual. I have yet to get snaps of the elusive M. colemani, but I’m not complaining.

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