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Monkey Business With Gerry Allen  

Monkey business with Dr. Gerry Allen

Gerry & I had a fabulous afternoon in the Tangkoko National Park. No fish, but plenty of fun.... and sweat.

Tangkoko is a popular sidetrip from Lembeh for nature lovers. I hadn't been there in years and with Gerry visiting on his own, I decided to tag along to the forest. We walked a lot, got sweaty, saw some cool animals, stepped over a lot of tree roots and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Most of these shots are of the endemic celebes macaque. Since visitors aren't allowed to feed them, they aren't bothersome pests as some species are in SE Asia.

This young male came up and sat, literally, at my knee (lower left), playing it cool and showing some interest in this big goofy human with a camera. We had luck in finding six tarsiers in a single huge tree, offering plenty of photo ops.

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