our diving in lembeh straitis simply beyond your expectations

Resort & Facilities  

The Bungalows

Each coconut-wood bungalow offers wondrous views over Kambahu Bay and Lembeh Strait. The bedroom is equipped with both a ceiling fan and a/c for your comfort, with complimentary drinking water, coffee and tea close at hand. Free Wi-Fi is also available in all the bungalows.

Each unit has a walk-in closet to keep your bags and belongings organized and out of the way as well as a room safe for your valuables and a walled open-air “Bali-style” garden bathroom with a hot water shower to help reheat you after long repetitive dives. Laundry service is available as well.

Our Diving Center

In our spacious Dive Center we have equipment cubicles for guest equipment to drip dry in the breeze between dives and provide space for easy suiting up. Within meters are showers as well as rinse tanks for washing both diving equipment and for soaking underwater camera gear.

There is a dedicated camera room that is fan-cooled, offering two heights of camera stations, each with outlets for charging both 220 V and 110 V.

Our two compressors and Nitrox blending system have their own room, there is a WC for guests, a rental equipment room, and a briefing center, covering all your diving requirements.

The Main Building

The numerous lantern-lit fishing canoes that dot the strait by night provide a romantically memorable setting.

We also have a 24-hour front desk and a reference library / TV room where guests can learn more about what they are seeing on their dives, view and share their underwater video footage or just watch satellite television.

Guests are encouraged to lounge on our sofas, drink, connect with our complimentary Wi-Fi, exchange fish stories and socialize. 

And just outside our restaurant you'll find our unique, inviting fresh water pool. 

The Beach

We have a fine black sandy beach where guests can enjoy current-free swimming and snorkeling in a sheltered environment. Or they can just recline on a beach chair in the shade of an overhanging banyan tree and enjoy the quiet view. 


New Camera, First Two Dives...

New Camera, First Two Dives...

 New Camera, First Two Dives

I was finally back in the water, replacement camera in hand. 

Flooding a camera is a terrible experience. I had avoided t

Melibe Madness!

Melibe Madness!

We had an noteworthy find recently: something from the genus Melibe, which has some very interesting members. 


Over the past year all the resorts in

The Spell of the Hunt

The Spell of the Hunt


Our Dive Centre Manager Ben is starting off his blog contribution with something artistic... a poem about one of the most sought-after critters - the Rhinopias. 

The Spell o

Monkey business with Dr. Gerry Allen

Monkey business with Dr. Gerry Allen

Gerry & I had a fabulous afternoon in the Tangkoko National Park. No fish, but plenty of fun.... and sweat.

Tangkoko is a popular sidetrip from Lembeh for nature lovers. I hadn't

Getting older in style

Getting older in style

As my annual Age Counter clicked over another year on May 22, I decided to celebrate simply. I spent my weekend shirking my responsibilities and getting a load of dives in. The visibility

To Mimic or Not to Mimic

To Mimic or Not to Mimic

So now that we are all clear on telling the difference between the wonderpus and the mimic octopus, I’d like to delve further into the realm of the mimic.

There are actually three s

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Lembeh Strait
North Sulawesi, Indonesia
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