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The Spell of the Hunt  

The Spell of the Hunt


Our Dive Centre Manager Ben is starting off his blog contribution with something artistic... a poem about one of the most sought-after critters - the Rhinopias. 

The Spell of the Hunt

Rhinopias, Rhinopias, Rhinopias: The echo of promise resonated across the world-famous Lembeh Strait this morning! The holy grail of underwater photographers and diving aficionados alike had been spotted again. A momentous occasion had befallen the current residents of Black Sand Dive Retreat – an occasion not to be missed. And we indeed wouldn’t….

Into the boat we speedily climbed

Our intentions primed

With thoughts on our minds

Of a fish so sublime.

The guests, their eyes alit with anticipation

As mine were closed, locked in sweet mediation

That I’d find this Rhinopias, as it is my vocation

While the boat tore through the waves with slick navigation.


On the boat we were five

Guests Giacomo and Christian would surely thrive

With eagle-eyed guide Bobby leading the dive

And sea-sturdy captain Yubel at the drive.


To Nudi Falls we did reach

Over the side, the ocean we would breach

Swimming with a maniacal smooth towards that which we beseech

Already tasting success on our lips, sweet as a peach.


For in front of our eyes

There lay the grand prize

A Rhinopias frondosa did rise

From its coral bed, cleverly disguised.


Oh, such joy a fish should incite

Purplish-red, freckled, and not at all slight

Posing nobly on its perch like a lonesome knight

All parties involved were filled with delight.


Back on the boat, ready to leave

High fives around did all receive

On this morning our wishes did not deceive

Rather the opposite, all was achieved.


This Rhinopias frondosa was a very fortunate find. The geometric patterns and striking colours presented are a testament to their popularity amongst divers. Rhinopias will continue to be the holy grail for those who seek the most beautiful, mysterious, and awe-inspiring marine life on this planet.

Signing off for now – More adventures to come! Happy hunting and stay wet.

Benjamin, Dive Manager @ Black Sand Dive Retreat

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