Lembeh Updates

The “New” Lembeh Frogfish

It is no secret the Lembeh Strait is the Frogfish Capital of Planet Earth. We really love our frogfish. Correctly identifying the numerous species we encounter can be challenging since some species look very alike, causing confusion. Antennatus nummifer  (Spotfin...

BSDR House Reef Is Recognized as One of the Best!

The latest issue of Tauchen Magazine (Germany) has named the Black Sand Dive Retreat House Reef as "One of the 40 Best House Reefs in the World"! We are very grateful for the recognition and thank Tauchen for thinking so highly of our "front yard". We look forward to...

New Camera, First Two Dives

I was finally back in the water, replacement camera in hand. Flooding a camera is a terrible experience. I had avoided that feeling for over a decade, but when you dive with a camera in a plastic box under pressure, it is only a matter of time until the inevitable...

Melibe Madness!

We had an noteworthy find recently: something from the genus Melibe, which has some very interesting members. Over the past year all the resorts in Lembeh have received an increasing number of a single name on the wish lists: the Melibe colemani. We have found a few,...

The Spell of the Hunt

Our Dive Centre Manager Ben is starting off his blog contribution with something artistic... a poem about one of the most sought-after critters - the Rhinopias. The Spell of the Hunt Rhinopias, Rhinopias, Rhinopias: The echo of promise resonated across the...

Monkey business with Dr. Gerry Allen

Gerry & I had a fabulous afternoon in the Tangkoko National Park. No fish, but plenty of fun.... and sweat. Tangkoko is a popular sidetrip from Lembeh for nature lovers. I hadn't been there in years and with Gerry visiting on his own, I decided to tag along to the...

Getting older in style

As my annual Age Counter clicked over another year on May 22, I decided to celebrate simply. I spent my weekend shirking my responsibilities and getting a load of dives in. The visibility was great, the seas calm and the currents co-operative. I managed to go out for...

To Mimic or Not to Mimic

So now that we are all clear on telling the difference between the wonderpus and the mimic octopus, I’d like to delve further into the realm of the mimic. There are actually three species in the mimic family: the mimic, the brown mimic and the white-v octopus. The...

Odd Frogfish of Lembeh

Since Lembeh Strait is considered "The Frogfish Capital of the World", anyone who dives here can expect to see plenty of the popular critter. Differentiating between the various species can be tricky though, especially the smaller ones. Juveniles can be quite...

Mimic or Wonderpus?

So, how do you tell the difference between a mimic and a wonderpus? Let’s try to make this clear. I can understand the confusion telling a mimic from a wonderpus. They are alike. But if you see them side by side, the differences are obvious. Having our guests ask...

Tripadvisor Reviews:

What Every Dive Resort Should Strive to Be

"This was a phenomenal dive trip and we will be back here on our next visit to Lembeh. Thanks again to Bruce, Fung, and all of the wonderful staff who made our vacation a fantastic one!"

Scallywag81 on TripAdvisor

Three times is not enough...

"In the 20+ years that we've been diving, in about the same number of different countries, there was only one other place where we went back a second time. But Black Sand? Oh we just couldn't stay away!"

Katrien V on TripAdvisor

Idyllic Resort Set in Middle of Lembeh’s Best Diving

"Bruce was often present at meal time, and he is a wealth of knowledge about all things diving, especially Lembeh and critter identification. We really enjoyed our discussions with him. The dive staff was outstanding."

Doug F on TripAdvisor

Missing it Already and Can't Wait to Return!

"We visited Black Sand for the second time because we could not have imagined having better hosts than Bruce and Fung as well the number and variety of great dive sites."

Brown C on TripAdvisor


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