Starting on May 4, 2020, Silk Air will no longer exist. The routes in Indonesia operated by the regional arm of Singapore Airlines (SIA) are being replaced by Scoot Air, which is another subsidiary of SIA. Booking tickets to Manado from Singapore on Scoot from May 4, 2020 onwards is not yet possible, but it is planned to be possible to acquire tickets starting in March 2020, hopefully. Since Scoot is known as a budget carrier, some questions have arisen regarding the level of service and baggage allowance compared to Silk Air. We have been assured that for guests flying on Singapore Airlines and transferring to Scoot at Changi, the baggage allowance as well as food and drinks service will be the same as enjoyed on Silk Air and be included in the ticket price. For passengers buying stand-alone Scoot Air tickets, one must navigate the Scoot website ( to arrange meals, baggage allowance and other extras along with the tickets. For guests planning to visit us before May 4th 2020, tickets may be booked through Silk Air on the Singapore Airlines web site ( since the Silk Air web site only exists as a link to the SIA site. For guests who have planned travel dates from May 5th 2020 onwards and who wish to obtain flight tickets prior to Scoot tickets being made available, flights are available from Singapore via Jakarta (we recommend Garuda and Batik Air) or Bali (Lion Air is the only direct choice).